Raffensperger is a criminal - I know he didn’t win the primary in May. He is hated here in Georgia, yet we’re supposed to believe that he got over 50% of the vote in that primary? Disgusting. Kemp is no better. We’re up the creek in Georgia. Keep calling your legislators, volunteer to work the polls, support VoterGa and True the Vote - we deserve honest and fair elections here in Georgia.

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Excellent work. So proud of Trumps landslide victory. Sorry it was stolen by our corrupt system.

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Very Interesting.

I cant wait to get Bret Baier and Martha Maccallum's take on this new evidence.

btw they can destroy all the election records by October of this year so the stalling will continue until morale improves.

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As always, Emerald you are spot on! This is probably happening in Colorado and other states with dominion voting machines. My question is why are we letting this happen?

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Great work! It was common sense Trump won Georgia as there was no way that state didn't vote MAGA.

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Well, I’m convinced, was convinced the day following election night when they shut down and started back up.

And I know Georgians the entire southern part of Ga. was entirely Trump’s I personally know this.

Atlanta and surrounding counties was a mixture blue and red.

My question with so much factual evidence out about the fraud why can’t we get any justice?

The Supreme Court says it’s a state issue when in fact this was a national election.

People if we let this one thing pass, if we let them sweep this stolen election under the rug.

We will never right this ship and believe me she already taken on so much water honestly, I don’t know what keeps her afloat. Maybe this winter come early spring will we all look and she’ll be under the surface completely sunk.

And of course metacapitalist will be happy, multinational globalist who want to rule the world’s entire economy will rejoice. They will all ride in electric cars while the average American will walk, bicycle or use public transport.

Don’t take my word of course, check it out.

Russia is right now the spearhead of the resistance against this global movement to absorb the economy of each nation by the WEF.

I could go on but I’m already long.

95% of the population don’t have a clue what’s been going on behind our backs for a hundred plus years. But now today at this time all those radical left progressive efforts are coming to a head.

If we let them starve us to death by removing all our energy sources millions more will die in the coming year; your kids and families not just mine.

We will never vote our way out they have removed that option long time ago we just didn’t know until 2020. Too many still refuse to acknowledge that in this great and wonderful America we lost our freedom of fair and just elections.

Finally, The only way to

get what’s is rightfully ours is to do exactly what they did to us.

We just gonna have to go and pry our country out of their filthy hands, it doesn’t belong to them to rule it’s ours.

We need several million to show up in Washington and just run them off, are you up for it???

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Great work @Emerald!!!! Slowly but surely you and other patriots are showing how the election was stolen. Everyone knows the truth.

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Anyone angry yet? (Not anyone in the media, of course!)

My blood is BOILING!

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Plain and simple: election fraud in GA. Trump won. No more machine voting! Americans deserve transparent and honest elections.

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Not to worry,Comrades. Fat Stacey and her democRat Bolsheviks will clear out the Crooked repubRat Rinos in JawGA. Why? Because people will just Not Vote for the Repub Crooks!!! It's sickening and degrading to have to Affirm/ReSelect these Crooked Repubs (Kemp & Ratsburger) in office.

So, the Bolshevik Commies win in Nov. unless Dominion saves the Repubs, which I highly doubt.

Sometimes sheeples just have "To Learn the Hard Way" and Estab Repubs NEVER LEARN ANYTHING!!!

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Awesome reporting, Emerald!

Georgia voters, are you demanding that your Nov 2020 AND Senate run-off elections be recounted without the interference of Dominion or Raffensperger?????

I'm talking to Democrats too...unless you think it is okay to stick with fraudulent elections in your state.

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None of these swing states should ever have been certified and the Republicans in their legislatures should be ashamed they let rampant fraud just be swept under the carpet. Georgia should never have been certified based on the testimony of just ONE witness- Bridget Thorne. She testified that they were printing unlimited/unknown quantities of LIVE 'test' ballots in the Dominion warehouse for Fulton County in order to set up all of the computer equipment that would go to each precinct voting location.

She specifically noted that there was no policy on spoiling those LIVE ballots and until she inquired, the other folks helping were told they were directed to NOT spoil the ballots before depositing them into the large 'suitcases' as they called the black storage containers. ANY auditor worth a damn would immediately note that if you have an unlimited ability to print the item that you are supposed to be auditing the quantities of, with no controlling mechanisms in terms of tracking the printing/creation/inventory/use of those items, it is IMPOSSIBLE to audit that situation/election.

Imagine going into a bank where you deposited $1,000 and when you go to pull it out they give you seven real $100 bills and three they've self printed in the back room on their own in-house printing press. How many legitimate bills did you receive and what are they worth?

This is an absolute fraud and massive disenfranchisement of well more than half the voters in the United States, and all of the product of this fraud needs to be undone, INCLUDING the invalid legislation produced with all those fraudulently sworn into those offices they were not elected to. Every day that goes by is adding to the mountain of fraudulently created acts of government that should be void or voidable as product of the fraud. Nice jobs, Republicans, for being complicit in this situation. Looking forward to seeing any who sat on their hands being replaced soon.


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The villains overwhelmed the election system with fraud. People at the time in the country were already overwhelmed with fear of dying from a hyped virus via the media so it was really easy to take action to manipulate the vote.

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We the people need to neighbor up, get organized & stop waiting for hell to freeze over, trust in God, not gov & do more than complain. The Republic fell Nov 2020, but there are more of us than them & ex Special Ops Intel & DEA Whistle Blower Agent Jeff Prather has some ideas, if N E One's interested. https://rumble.com/search/video?q=Prather%20Point

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The wicked are desperate. They're falling all over themselves and failing everywhere. The news headlines (propaganda) polls, are put out with the goal of planting a deceptive thought seed in our minds (mass formation psychosis) that they can further build upon for their agendas. Don't just question it as crazy. Refute it all openly as deception - distraction. That stops psychosis formation.

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I voted in primary, spring of 2022. The voting information I got was incorrect for congressional district. When I was at voting location, I was given congressional district 7, instead of 6 as it was printed on information card.

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